About my Experience

I don’t have formal training in the fine art of handymanning (does anybody?). I learned a little bit of carpentry from my dad–growing up in Ecuador we had a vice and a woodpile in our house. In high school I took Drafting, but mostly stayed away from the shop courses, and focused on art. During college and summers I worked on a framing/concrete crew, where I learned to use a skil saw and swing a hammer. After I got married I worked at Abbey Medical Supplies as a service technician, installing and repairing medical equipment, becoming familiar with ratchets and drills, and customer service! Then for about 7 years I worked at Columbia Countertops (now Floform), using saws and routers and sanders; also measuring and installing. I also volunteered at a trade school carpentry shop in Zambia, Africa, for a few years with MCC. I learned about hardwood and planers, and quoted many jobs for the office there.

So my strengths are in carpentry and cabinetry; I have dabbled in most types of home improvement trades. I do not do much in the way of plumbing or electrical work, however. I am not licensed, and prefer to leave leaks and zaps to the professionals!

Here are some examples of work I have done in the past, for paying customers:

  • install grab bars in drywall, tile, and fiberglass
  • build wheelchair ramps
  • design and build custom bookshelves
  • build one drawer to match others in a kitchen
  • repair holes in drywall
  • repair sliding glass door
  • repair window hinge/latch system
  • Build and install sliding shelves in a cabinet
  • refinish wooden veneer cabinet doors
  • design, build, and install kitchen cabinets and countertops
  • remove old countertops/measure and install new laminate counterops
  • fabricate and install solid surface countertops
  • install flat-lay countertops and custom edging
  • replace door frame and re-hang door
  • removed and capped outdoor sprinklers from lawn system
  • install closet mirror doors
  • remove/install mortice locks
  • paint kitchen cabinets

Some other jobs I have done, for friends or for myself:

  • Build a treehouse
  • Build a play structure for a 3 year old
  • Build a sandbox with hinged lid seats
  • Build a swingset
  • Assist in set building for a large theatre production
  • build a bench seat for a breakfast nook with hinged lids and a drawer
  • build a single bunk bed with drawers and shelving below
  • build a simple guitar
  • build a cajon drum
  • install a new dishwasher (with an electrician and plumber’s help)
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