Drywall Fix-ups

I average 1 to 2 drywall fixups per month. Usually it’s due to a leak; a plumber has come and fixed the pipe, but left a hole in the ceiling or wall. There’s many other reasons why a wall may need a patch. Generally I charge between $120-$150 to make the patch. This includes materials. The reason it’s that high is because it involves about 3 separate trips (possibly more if there is painting involved).

The first trip is the most labour intensive: cutting a new piece and securing it properly, taping the seams so they won’t crack, with a little bit of mud.

The second trip is the main coat of mud.

The third trip is sanding everything smooth and (sometimes) priming the mud with white primer so that is ready for painting.

Below are some pictures of a ceiling patch I did recently. Ceilings are tricky and I can’t guarantee a perfect result. But it’s close.

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