Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work do you like to do?
I enjoy carpentry. While I am not classically trained, I can design and build things sturdy and square that look decent. I can do basic finishing carpentry (cabinets, baseboards, mouldings) as well as rough carpentry (framing, forming).

What else do you do?
Pretty much anything…except electrical and plumbing. Feel free to ask!

Do you charge by the hour or by the job/contract?
I price things out by the hour, and when I am asked for a quote I estimate how many hours it will take (plus materials), and stick to that price in most cases. I prefer to be paid by the hour.

What is your service area?
I try to stay within Abbotsford city limits. It’s more efficient for small jobs.

Do you have anyone else you can recommend since you are too busy at the moment to do work for me?
Sorry, I don’t cross paths with other handy-people too often! …but if you find someone you like, please let me know!

What method of payment do you prefer?
Interac Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash. Sorry, I don’t take credit cards.

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