Workshop move & cabinets

When I’m not working at a customer’s home, I’m making things in my tiny workshop. For the last 10 months it’s been the place where I can go to make noise and dust, and use my tablesaw. Some friends of mine offered me some space in their larger, better equipped shop, so I’ll be moving soon. It’ll be better overall…I’ll miss my little container, though.

I’ve been quite busy lately with the set for The Miracle Worker, which is built now and getting painted by others, and in the next month or so I need to get the set for Mousetrap built. I also have a couple of jobs on the go for cabinets: RV uppers, and a laundry room reno. Add a week of holidays with my family, and that is why I am saying I am booked up for six weeks.

Here’s some photos of some of the last cabinets to be built in the old workshop!

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