Kitchen Cabinet Reno

I worked on a rental suite recently. The cabinets were in OK shape, but there were some mould issues and most of the drawers were not working. So the landlord asked for a quote for new cabinets. They also requested a built in dishwasher.

As they wanted to keep costs down, I quoted using basic hardware, basic paint, basic doors (MDF slabs). It also helped that it was a simple layout.

I spent a few days at the workshop making the cabinets. Plywood sides, melamine shelves.

Then it was time for demo and install, over a couple days and part of a weekend.

Everything went fairly smoothly. The countertop didn’t fit through the door but luckily it slid nicely through the window!

It turned out beautiful and now we are just waiting for the plumber to install the dishwasher!

Walk-in Closet

Stan and Tilly recently renovated their house; the place was buzzing with trades whenever I went in to do a small job. The walk-in closet got left behind a little with all the other updates to keep track of. So they asked for a design, and did some of their own, for some storage space and hanging rails. Between us and several drafts of drawings we came up with a nice design. Then it was time to build!

stan closet~

I divided the tall cabinet into two parts in order to get it into the room. I used soft-close drawer hardware made by Grass. Drawers are made of 1/2 inch plywood with MDF drawer fronts.

Next I made the upper cabinet and painted the shelf pieces.

Once the paint was dry, it was time to install! It was a long day of getting everything just right, but it turned out very nicely.

Closets are difficult to photograph. Here is a panorama that almost gets it…


Summer Jobs

This summer has been pretty busy with a variety of jobs and customers.

I helped Ron put down some ties to make a tiered garden/storage area beside his house.

I built a mini-deck for an air conditioner with a bridge for Mike.  It had to go on a steep gravel slope beside the house.

He sent me a picture after the unit was installed:


I attached a couple of hose reels to a house for Rhonda. One was in hardiplank and one was on masonry.

I installed some Indian Wedding Lights on a big house.

I taped, mudded, and sanded a basement ceiling.

I built some low rise steps for John and Alice.

Drywall Ceiling Match

I’ve had a lot of drywall jobs and quotes recently for some reason. Here is a ceiling match I did this week. Note that it is not perfect, and I explained beforehand to my customer that I couldn’t guarantee a perfect match. However it is much better than before and not very noticeable.

Laminate Flooring Replacement

Laminate flooring repairs can be tricky. Last December it was Christmas Eve and I was working on a floor in an apartment, getting frustrated. It had a ‘bounce’ and I couldn’t get rid of it. I finally gave up, put it back together, and told the customer I couldn’t do it. Then a few weeks ago I was asked to replace a few boards that had water damage. I agreed to do it and budgeted a few more hours this time. It still took a lot longer than I thought!

When you think you just have to take out a few boards in the hall…like this:

…And then you realize that to access all of the boards, you have to take apart half of another hallway, like this:

…then you are happy when everything goes back together like it’s supposed to!

Pressure Treated Picnic Tables

I made a couple of picnic tables recently.

The first is a rounded top for my neighbour, to fit a standard table which had the top glass missing. It is made of pressure treated 5/4 boards.

The second one was requested by my in-laws. They sent me a Youtube video with instructions for an octagon table. (It was nice using someone else’s design for a change!) If you are interested, here is the link to the first video (there are four):

If you are in the area and would like one, I can make another one out of pressure treated lumber and deliver it for $700 including tax. You need a flat/level square of ground, 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet minimum.

Custom cabinet oak match

Here is a cabinet I built recently for Ron and Aimee. They had a space in their kitchen that they wanted to use more efficiently:
So it was proposed to make the cabinet a bit bigger. However, there was a light in the way…so the top cabinet had to stay.
hoekstra cabinet
Also they didn’t want to spend a fortune (understandably!). Instead of ordering new doors, I bought some used ones and re-sized them a little:
I took out the old upper cabinet so that I could copy it. (There was a bit of a hole in their kitchen for a few weeks) This was very helpful for matching the oak stain.
Then I built the new cabinet exactly like the old one, but with a few modifications to flow into the rest of the kitchen design.

Lastly I installed the new unit. And it turned out pretty good!