32-foot ramp

Actually it’s closer to 31 feet. Abbey Medical Supplies contracted me to help with an outdoor ramp. The customer had injured themselves and was unable to use the series of steps. I pre-cut and painted the plywood, then helped their technician install it. We were able to finish in one day.


Front railing

Ms. S. needed a railing for her front step. She also added some blocks to make a third step.

Matching the stain was tricky for the railing. It is definitely not a perfect match. But otherwise I was happy with the job!

Curtain Rods

Gallery 7 office needed some curtain rods so they can block off their props storage area better. One side is 16 feet and the other is 11 feet. It’s hard to take a picture 🙂 Rods are 3/4″ copper pipe, painted black.


Tub Caulking

Here’s an example of a tub I re-caulked recently. It involves removing the old caulking, scraping it off with a knife blade and cleaning with methyl hydrate, and putting a new (usually smaller) bead down. It generally takes about an hour and I include the new mildew-resistant caulking in the price.


Coat Closet

Here are some pictures of D and D’s coat closet. It is hard to photograph because it is a small room–hence the “fish eye” panorama picture. The room is 8.5 feet high. The closet has 4 sliding doors, 2 shelves, and a coat rack rail. It is built in around the crown moulding over a tile floor, around an alarm panel, and one side is a concrete wall. A good challenge!

Broom Closet

D and D had me make a couple of custom closets. This one is for their water heater and brooms. I matched the cabinet door to their existing cabinets, which was a bit tricky. It was a very heavy door so it got 5 hinges.