Joseph set build

I’ve been busy building the set for Gallery 7‘s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I’ve booked off about 3 weeks to do it and have completed the first week somewhat on schedule. I won’t post too many pictures–but come see the show in March!

(I built palm trees and sand dunes while the workshop door was open so I could appreciate the snow!)

Cedar Shiplap Siding Repair

I got a call from someone in Las Vegas, looking for a handyman to make some steps for her parents in Abbotsford. When I finally arrived to look at the job, they had already done it, but had another one in mind. There was some water damage to their shiplap siding (even parts of the header were rotten). So I spent a couple of hours fixing it up, using some 40-year-old siding they had saved from another area. It turned out fine–now they just need to replace the door. 🙂


Beau Jest set

I recently completed the set for Gallery 7‘s production of Beau Jest. Below is a link for a time lapse I made of tech week. We started with an empty room, and hung lights, crown moulding, and a chandelier; put down risers and laminate flooring, and a bit of furniture.

Youtube Link: Beau Jest Time Lapse

Broken Window Replacement

Ken called me about a window that broke during the windstorm. (He called around and the Glass places were too busy.) I felt bad as I was on holidays when he called, so his tenants had a taped up/boarded up window for a week or so. Anyway, I bought a whole new window with a frame (as the old frame was damaged) and replaced it.