Jeeves Intervenes set design and build

Gallery 7 ( is now showing Jeeves Intervenes on the stage at MCA Abbotsford. It’s a delightful farce/comedy. I had the privilege of designing and building the set.

I really enjoyed reading the script. In my research I read some of PG Wodehouse’s other works and watched the TV series “Jeeves and Wooster.” What I enjoyed most was the ridiculous amount of privilege that Bertie Wooster enjoys, and how even though he has problems like everyone else, he can muddle through them with grace given by his manservant and others.

So…how to build a posh London 1920’s flat with a modest budget? I spent a lot of time hunting for “vintage” furniture on Craigslist and Marketplace. It started off with a beat-up turn of the century wardrobe and the collection built from there. Many items were cheap but needed refinishing or reupholstering. I had many volunteers for this show, who were all helpful in making Bertie’s place come to life.

Below are some pictures starting with the concept drawing and then showing a few building pictures.

Set – almost finished!

Set Design – Miracle Worker

I was asked to design the set for TWU’s fall production of The Miracle Worker.

It was a new experience in that I didn’t have to build the set this time. It was kind of nice! It was a challenging set to work with…but the team made it work well.

The play is running at Trinity Western University until Nov. 5.

I borrowed a pump and refurbished it a little so that it worked.