Logo Stencil

There are limits to a handyman’s handiness I suppose…
Probably what I should have done is to order a vinyl graphic from Bourquin Printers…
But instead I made a 3×3 foot stencil and sprayed it onto Noel’s reception desk.
It turned out alright, just needed some touch up from overspray.

I took the logo and printed it full size using a spreadsheet program.
Then I cut and taped the 15 sheets together.
I bought 4 sheets of poster board at the dollar store and glued them together to make a larger, thicker board.
Then I traced the logo outline with a sharp knife.
I taped and sticky-tacked the stencil into place on the reception desk, masked off a few feet in all directions, and spray painted it. I was in a hurry that day so I didn’t let it dry too much. But when I removed the mask I noticed some hazy spots… 😦
So I came back a couple of times and touched it up with the background colour of paint and a brush.
It looks great from a few feet away!

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