Door Magic

I had a few custom door jobs lately. Here are some pictures.

Exterior Door
D and D needed something done to their front door. It was not closing well. In addition, the frame appeared rotten. I quoted on some new doors and frames but then went back and looked at the frame and door again. It was not in that bad of shape so I recommended a fix-up. I cut out the bottom of the door, did some filling and sanding elsewhere, added a 3rd hinge, and re-hung the door by anchoring it into the concrete wall. While I was at it I also repainted it. A crack between the house and step also got filled with cement.

Sliding Barn Door
G and C bought a rolling barn door kit to cover a not often used doorway. But the current doorway was too high and the short door would look funny. So I filled it in with drywall and spaced out the new studs to work with the track hardware. I don’t have a picture of the finished product, but they stained the door nicely and painted the wall and it looks quite nice.

Doorframe widening
Paul needed a doorframe widened for various reasons. It was 30″ so we added 6 inches to a 36″ door. However when widening doorframes there are other things to take into account, such as exposed flooring (tile and carpet in this case), light switches (had to move it over a little), new doors (had to find the right style to match the existing doors), baseboards to cut, and new casing for the top (have yet to find it). Luckily it was not a supporting wall or there would have been a header to replace too. It was a full day’s work.

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