Furnace Room drywall with 22 cutouts

About a month ago, Tim asked me to quote on a drywall ceiling. Normally I don’t do them but this was a strange one. To make a second suite legal, the city requires drywall to separate the two suites. This was the last step in the process for his house. The furnace room was the only room that did not have this (basically a firestop of sorts). However it was a little messy with hot water heating pipes all over the place.


The ceiling was not huge, less than 2 sheets of drywall, but it had to be dropped a little bit to accommodate some pipes that were running along the joists. The lights had to be dropped as well. The pieces went in like a jigsaw puzzle, I was VERY careful with screw placement, I had to crawl sideways under some pipes to access one corner…it was a day’s work to board and tape around 22 cutouts, and then a couple hours the next day to do a second coat of mud.


My customer was OK with me leaving it rough and I was quite happy to skip the sanding step as it would have been a huge mess. Hoping he passes inspection.

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