Kitchen Cabinet Reno

I worked on a rental suite recently. The cabinets were in OK shape, but there were some mould issues and most of the drawers were not working. So the landlord asked for a quote for new cabinets. They also requested a built in dishwasher.

As they wanted to keep costs down, I quoted using basic hardware, basic paint, basic doors (MDF slabs). It also helped that it was a simple layout.

I spent a few days at the workshop making the cabinets. Plywood sides, melamine shelves.

Then it was time for demo and install, over a couple days and part of a weekend.

Everything went fairly smoothly. The countertop didn’t fit through the door but luckily it slid nicely through the window!

It turned out beautiful and now we are just waiting for the plumber to install the dishwasher!

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