Wheeled Wardrobe

David and Debbie asked for a wardrobe to fit a custom space beside the front entrance. They wanted it on wheels for ease of cleaning behind it. I spent some cold days in my shop building and painting it. I stacked it in 3 levels for ease of installation.

When I went to install it I realized I had misunderstood a very important aspect about the way that it needed to turn in the small space (hence the wheels etc.). As it was a rectangle shape in a small rectangle room, it wasn’t possible. So I took it back to the shop and cut off the back right corner. It took some time to put the sides back on, as well as the angled shelves and closet rail.

Once that was taken care of, it fit nicely and turns easily. It’s a little wobbly…being such a tall unit and not fixed to the wall… but should hold up just fine.

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