Swingsets with wooden rope swings

Judy requested some swingsets. I had made one before so I used a similar design. However with 3 swings per set, each was 12 feet long, and I used 4 1/8 pressure treated beams for all the frames. I also ordered swing hangers to minimize friction/wear.

I had ordered some commercial, heavy duty plastic seats on chains, but my customer wanted wooden seats. At first I balked because I couldn’t find anything that would last in our rainforest weather. Lots of birch swings looked nice, but even with lots of varnish, I think they will grow mildew in a year or two. So I decided to make my own swings out of pressure treated decking. That stuff has so many chemicals, nothing can grow!

The preferred rope was a hemp style, but again I didn’t think it would last more than a year. So I bought polypropylene ropes that were the same colour as hemp. It is 3/8″, 3 strand. I looped them through the bottom of the swings and made a splice above. I was going to make a splice on the top of the ropes as well, but ended up just tying a bowline knot directly to the swing hangers.

I tested them out…they seemed nice and solid…I think they will last.

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