Set design & build – Trying

I designed the set for Gallery 7 Theatre’s current production of Trying:

But first, I had to pull some stock in a blizzard.

snow blowing into the container

I used stock from our previous show to build some heaters and flats…

I modified a double bookshelf ($17 at MCC) to make two bookshelves. I was proud of these because they have false backs, and spin around for fast scene changes.

I made some 1960’s gas heaters…or something like them anyway!

I needed a few shelves full of books…they had to be light. My volunteer, Linda, found a bunch of covers, and I borrowed some from our Props manager, Dianna; but the bulk I made out of cereal boxes and printer ink:

Then it was time to move the set to our venue:

One challenge was to build a “light box” behind the window. It was a bit more involved than simply shining a light at a flat.

The part that should be the funnest is the set dec: all the little knick knacks that get added to add some detail to the space. However, I was tired at this point and blanked a bit…but felt it was enough.

Tech run

The show runs until February 5th, 2022 at the Abbey Arts Centre! Buy tickets at

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