Removing a wall

Carol hired me to remove an interior non-load-bearing wall. She got a permit from the city and tested the drywall for asbestos. We knew the wall was not supporting the ceiling because the trusses ran the length of the attic.

Before and After:



The drywall came down pretty nicely. The studs were a little bit harder – mostly one top plate which was attached to part of one of the trusses.

I called an electrician to re-wire the switch and heater. He also had fun climbing around in the attic. 🙂

The ceiling was more challenging. Some blocking needed to be adjusted to keep things level. There was also a cablevision cable running floor to ceiling that was a bit of a mystery. Shaw came and tested it and cut it, luckily.

The floor was also a challenge. It is laminate and going to be replaced at some point, but can’t be done for a few months…so I was asked to patch it. I ripped some pieces to fit with a gap for silicone. It is not ideal…but should last for a few months.

The ceiling got taped and 2 coats of mud. Then sanded and texture sprayed:

After the texture dried, I attempted to match and paint the ceiling (off-white). It took quite a few tries but I got close. Very rarely do I get a perfect ceiling.

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