What to do with that hole in the ceiling…

While I have fixed a fair number of ceilings now – usually textured drywall – there are other, cheaper, sometimes better options depending on the size of the hole.

Amarjit’s tenant had a leak from a bathtub drain. He fixed the plumbing but had a 30×30 square hole left over. Fixing the drywall wasn’t ideal because there were some funky curves in the original installation due to the drain being too low. I suggested a simple cover. Much cheaper, much less hassle for the tenants, flexible/looks OK, and easily removable if there is another leak. I used 1/4″ melamine and painted the edges white.

A week later I was fixing a bunch of holes at Patricia and Gary’s house. In this case it made sense to drywall most of them, but one hole needed access to an outside tap shutoff, so it was best to make another cover panel:

pop-off screw caps cover the screws which go directly into the joists above

Here is a picture of one of the repairs that needed textured ceiling, wall, and crown moulding all fixed:

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