Built in Electric Fireplace Surround

Adam asked me to help him build a fireplace surround for his electric fireplace. Basically he just needed the wall extended so he could hide the fireplace in there, and also have it ready to hold a mantle and a TV mount. He was very organized and even had found a blog with instructions.

First I cut out the baseboard and the floor (floating laminate floor–not good to put a heavy wall on a floating floor as then it can’t move and could split or bulge)

Next I framed in the wall, keeping in mind the fireplace dimensions, mantle height, and TV mount/access. I also put a little shelf inside for some of the TV accessories.

Lastly I boarded, taped, and mudded the new wall. I also installed new baseboard. Adam agreed to do the final sanding/painting. When it’s done I hope he will send a picture, and I will post it here!

Edit: Adam sanded the drywall, had it painted, installed the mantle, TV, and fireplace…and sent me this picture!