Laminating Stairs

Amarjit hired me to laminate some stairs in his rental house. I am not completely clear on the backstory but it seems whoever did the laminate flooring in the house wasn’t able to do the stairs and landings.

There was also some leftover carpet tacks etc. to deal with.

To save money, I used vinyl stair nosings which run for $5 apiece instead of $$$. They still had laminate flooring; I used about 5 boxes.

I used PL Premium to glue the laminate to the stair bases. No underlay here! I left a 1/16″ gap at the wall for expansion. Next I glued on the vertical piece, fairly tight. I used some brad nails to hold them in place–just a few. Then I glued on the vinyl nosing and put a few staples/pins to hold it while the glue dried.

The landings were done normally with underlay and 1/4″ gaps to the walls. Got it all done in a (long) day.