Wheelchair ramp

Abbey Medical contracted me to build a ramp for an ICBC client.

Wheelchair ramps need to have a maximum slope of 1:12, and as the deck was 20 inches higher than the ground, that calls for a 20 foot ramp. They also needed a ramp from the front door to the deck, which was another 7 feet.

I pre-cut the plywood at my shop and gave it 3 coats of porch paint with some anti-slip sand thrown on the second coat.

Then I built for a day and a half. It was nice to have a reasonably solid foundation to work with.

Ramp off curved landing

I sub-contracted another ramp for Abbey Medical at a nearby property. They put in an outdoor stairlift but needed a wheelchair ramp to get down a 7.5″ curved step. To get the proper grade, the step needed to have a straight edge, and a landing needed to be added beside the sidewalk.

I traced the curve on a piece of plywood and then pre-made that piece at my shop.

Next I dug down a few inches into the grass and placed some gravel and patio pavers. Lastly I made a 2×4 frame and screwed on the ramp.