Wheelchair-Accessible Shower Reno

Gilles hired me to fix up his shower.

The floor had rotted through in a couple of places due to water issues. I estimated 60 hours time plus materials at cost.

Before Pictures:

Fortunately the bathroom is over a decent crawl space. This enabled me to have an idea what I was getting into beforehand, and also to fix up the floor fairly easily. Some of the floor joists had sunk due to rot, which in turn caused the tile floor to sink, which caused more issues and rot over time.

Gilles said the shower was done about 10 years ago. Based on the date on the cement board it could have been up to 15 years. As I had not waterproofed a shower before I had to do quite a bit of research.

Was the original shower waterproofed properly? Most things were done well. But from what I could tell, the waterproof membrane that was laid had a seam that wasn’t sealed. Water easily got underneath and spread all over.

area where membrane overlapped without a sealed seam

After I fixed the structural issues as well as I could, I put down a new floor wherever it needed:

Next I laid a sand mortar bed and let it dry for 3 days before waterproofing it with AquaDefence.

Then it was time to tile!

Finishing touches: New sheet vinyl floor, new toilet, new vinyl baseboards, lots of caulking, new windowsill, stainless steel bump plate, painted aluminum ramp, corner shelves, frosted window tint…