Crown Moulding

I hadn’t done crown moulding before, but I worked out a deal with a company (that had some partially done) that I would “learn” on their upstairs office and then charge them for their downstairs office. I knew it would be difficult; that’s why I have always refused in the past, but it was a good chance to learn. Below are photos of my first three corners.

After I had tried a few corners in one room, I tackled the downstairs office, a small rectangle. The first 2 corners were fine but the last 2 were terrible and needed extra caulking. The next day I got a few pointers from another guy and figured out what I was missing. I completed a larger rectangle (16 feet by 13 feet) and it turned out quite well. But it was still time consuming!

Anyway, if you need some done, call me and I’ll give it my best effort! I just won’t be fast, so I’ll offer a discounted rate.

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