Custom Cabinet Addition

Adrian and Charlene asked me to quote on a pantry to fill in a space in their kitchen; however when I went to look at the job they asked if the countertop and cabinets could be extended instead. The countertop was square to the wall and I thought I knew what colour the laminate was, so I quoted on that option.

First I built the cabinets to match.

They wanted some sliding shelves, so I hid those in the lower cabinet behind the doors. I made the doors out of half-inch MDF, routered on my custom “CNC.” I matched the hardware as close as I could.

Installing was trickier than usual because I had to fill in the ceiling bulkhead and extend the crown moulding.

Another tricky thing was the countertop. I peeled off the cap on the end of the original, and screwed a cleat below to join the countertops together. I had to glue them together before sliding the lower cabinet in.

The paint did not quite match…but I hope it will age to look the same, over time. Overall I was quite happy with the end result, and I think my customers were, too.

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