Add Upper Laundry Cabinets with struts

I had added a cabinet some time ago for Sandee–it’s the one on the left. The doors were ordered with thermofoil and almost matched… she wanted some more put above for extra storage.

To save time and money, I asked if I could just make the doors myself and paint them this time – although it wouldn’t be a perfect match, once again. She was fine with that.

So I built the boxes, cut the edges of the doors on the tablesaw, and painted them with a roller like usual.

I also added gas struts to these, which was a little tricky to figure out, but it’s great because there is some lift/close assist for the heavy horizontal doors.

Custom over-fridge cabinet match

David and Debbie asked for a cabinet over their fridge for extra storage.

So I whipped one up 🙂

After I installed it I realized the paint colour was not quite right (wrong shade of white). So I took the doors back to the shop and painted them, and returned later with a few pieces of crown and painted the sides.

Knobs were added but took awhile to order from Home Depot.

Custom Cabinet Addition

Adrian and Charlene asked me to quote on a pantry to fill in a space in their kitchen; however when I went to look at the job they asked if the countertop and cabinets could be extended instead. The countertop was square to the wall and I thought I knew what colour the laminate was, so I quoted on that option.

First I built the cabinets to match.

They wanted some sliding shelves, so I hid those in the lower cabinet behind the doors. I made the doors out of half-inch MDF, routered on my custom “CNC.” I matched the hardware as close as I could.

Installing was trickier than usual because I had to fill in the ceiling bulkhead and extend the crown moulding.

Another tricky thing was the countertop. I peeled off the cap on the end of the original, and screwed a cleat below to join the countertops together. I had to glue them together before sliding the lower cabinet in.

The paint did not quite match…but I hope it will age to look the same, over time. Overall I was quite happy with the end result, and I think my customers were, too.