Custom cabinet with ogee panel doors

Colleen hired me to replace a bathroom cabinet. I took out the old one, sealed the wall/floor a bit, and built a new one from scratch. The countertop was done by another company.

I used standard soft-close ball bearing drawer slides as I usually do. However, the company I normally get hardware from suddenly went bankrupt so I had to order from the States with a new brand. They seem to be ok but they are a different brand than I’m used to.

The drawer faces and doors were custom made stile-and-rail, ogee panel. I used 1/4″ white melamine for the panels and mahogany (I think) for the frames. It was time-consuming to get everything square and exact as possible. But also quite satisfying to do some “real” carpentry for a change!

I had some trouble with bleed-through while painting. Even with several layers of different types of primer and several layers of premium cabinet paint, the frames were slightly yellow. Finally I did 2 minutes of google research and found I needed to seal it with shellac first. The Zinsser BIN shellac primer worked wonders and was very quick. I still had to do some more sanding, filling/caulking, and repainting anyway as they weren’t good quality enough for my customer at first, but they turned out very nice.

Add Upper Laundry Cabinets with struts

I had added a cabinet some time ago for Sandee–it’s the one on the left. The doors were ordered with thermofoil and almost matched… she wanted some more put above for extra storage.

To save time and money, I asked if I could just make the doors myself and paint them this time – although it wouldn’t be a perfect match, once again. She was fine with that.

So I built the boxes, cut the edges of the doors on the tablesaw, and painted them with a roller like usual.

I also added gas struts to these, which was a little tricky to figure out, but it’s great because there is some lift/close assist for the heavy horizontal doors.