Set Design/Build: This Wonderful Life

I designed the set for Gallery 7’s theatrical production of This Wonderful Life. It is a play based on the classic movie.

Much of my design was simply black and white background image projections. However to spice things up I added a town made of 2D flats at the back. And in the foreground was some furniture.

For additional spice I added a 16 foot high bridge and a snow cradle.

A scene from the movie that had to be in here is the loose stair post knob…

I had some help painting some of the flats. The theatre class at Abby Senior took the “Building and Loan” flat. And my boss / Production Manager painted the church.

Tech week

It was a great challenge…more work than I expected but satisfying to see everything come together. The actor, Michael, is phenomenal as well.

My following post will explain the snow cradle.

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