Pantry Shelves x21

Craig hired me to build and install new pantry shelves. The pantry was fairly large and had wire shelving, which his wife didn’t like because canned food would cause the shelves to bow. Craig removed the shelves, filled the holes, and painted the room. They had found a design on Pinterest that showed a good design, so I based my drawing and quote on that. Two months later I went to work:

I used 5/8 melamine boards, and glued a hefty 1.5″ L-shaped edge on the fronts to give them some rigidity. There were 4 sheets of melamine which worked out to about 120 square feet of shelf space! It didn’t look that big when I looked at the job! But there were 21 shelves total (the L-shaped shelves are in 2 parts).

Sanding and painting the edging was probably the most time-consuming thing.

Installation went well considering the amount of material going in that room. I screwed strips of melamine to the wall on the studs, then placed the shelves on those, joining the L-shapes with a cleat. Lastly I caulked the gaps and capped the screw holes. I also added a post for support.

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