Set design and build: Holy Mo & Spew Boy

The last Gallery 7 show of the 21/22 season was Holy Mo and Spew Boy, which played at MCA. This was the smallest set build I have done, I think. The script called for a wagon. After some collaboration with the Director and PM, and with some help from my assistant carpenter volunteer, I built a wagon that was a cross between a gypsy wagon and a pageant wagon.

During my travels I purchased some wagon wheels from a guy whose father had made wheels for a career. I still had to make one though!

Our PM, Charlene, painted the wagon along with an assistant. She also decorated it with fabric and other things. Once the props were loaded in, it was quite a stunning visual! The following photos show some (not all) of that.

The show was very well done–a successful close to a challenging Covid season.

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