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Bay window dressing

Dan asked me to finish up the bottom of the bay window he had re-done some time ago. He did not have matching siding so needed some panels. He sent me a picture and I tried to follow the general gist of it. It turned out so nicely!

Built in Mudroom Shelf

About a year ago I quoted on a shelf for Walt. Last October I dropped off the raw plywood with spruce fronts, and Walt spent the winter staining and varnishing it. Just yesterday we installed it. It turned out really nicely and fits well between walls.

Mousetrap Set

Gallery 7‘s production of The Mousetrap is now playing at MCA. It was the largest set build I’ve done this season and I was particularly glad to have Trevor’s (G7 volunteer) help for most of it. I think the reason it was more difficult was because it’s a house interior–all of the other sets have been slightly more abstract (though Doubt was close).

Here is a link to a video that shows a time lapse of the set from a blank stage to finished product:


Deck Railings

Jeff and Stacey asked for some deck railings and handrails for their porches/steps. I drew up some plans and they said go ahead! I finished today and am proud of my work (except for a couple tiny things I should have foreseen…see if you can figure out what they are).


The middle railing on the rear deck is removable.


Shiplap and railings

Ms. G. requested shiplap as part of her reno; I assumed the quarter inch plywood style like you see on Pinterest for $80, but she preferred Lowe’s pre-painted MDF shiplap, and it was actually quite nice to work with.

First I had to build out part of the wall.

Then the shiplap went on.


While I was at it there was a stair skirting to do (the carpet is getting replaced)

And finally the railing needed to be sanded and stained. I also added some custom brackets and two more short railings. She had her house professionally painted before I put the railings on. It looks amazing!

TV shelves

Misty asked for a quote for some custom shelves above a cabinet that I had put in for her awhile ago. They are plywood with spruce fronts, painted white with white backing. The TV is a wall-mount that I had moved as well. They turned out nicely!