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Broken Window Replacement

Ken called me about a window that broke during the windstorm. (He called around and the Glass places were too busy.) I felt bad as I was on holidays when he called, so his tenants had a taped up/boarded up window for a week or so. Anyway, I bought a whole new window with a frame (as the old frame was damaged) and replaced it.


Kitchen Reno

I’ve almost finished a large kitchen renovation for Leanne and Jim. It all started with a desire to install a dishwasher. It turned out that they needed to lift the countertops to get a new dishwasher in there, due to too many layers of re-flooring…things grew from there so they asked me to remove a corner wall, supply new countertops, add a shelf, new black mouldings around the wall/ceiling cutouts, install the dishwasher, and tile/grout a new mosaic backsplash. And…it’s in an apartment building. It took a few weeks to get it all done. I arranged for an electrician and a plumber to help me out with the pot lights/switches and sink/dishwasher.



Mostly done:

Outdoor cabinet with concrete countertop

Alex requested a custom cabinet for his outdoor balcony. He needed a working surface that would take some heat from a tabletop stove he has. The unit had to be somewhat weatherproof. He also asked for casters so that he could move the unit away from the wall plug if needed. So this is what I came up with!

For the countertop, I suggested concrete. I hadn’t made one before so this was my guinea pig project, but it turned out okay.

The end result was nice (“too nice to put outside,” he said). I believe it will last for a long time.