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Deck Staining

It was with a tiny bit of trepidation that I attempted to stain a pressure treated deck. (front and back)

It had been stained at least 3 times from what I could tell.

First I pressure washed it. It didn’t do much except clean it.

Next I used a stripper to remove the stain. It did not work too well but did get some off. I had to pressure wash it again to remove the stripper.

Lastly I sanded it with a 5″ orbital (80 grit). This step was much easier than I anticipated and I possibly could have saved a lot of time by skipping the stripping step.

Now it was ready to stain. My customer provided the stain (an opaque from Rona). It applied well. My only concern was that there was some stickiness in some areas after a week. But it seems to be fine now.

I also varnished the posts and railings later with Spar Varnish.

Front Deck:

Back Deck:

Cedar Garden Shed

Jon bought a 10×10 pre-cut kit from a Cedar place on Fraser Highway and hired me to put it together. It was kind of fun, reminded me of a little log house kit I had as a kid. But this one required a gravel pad first…

Then the plywood floor went over some cedar 2×3 joists, spaced 2 feet apart. Next the walls and trusses got screwed together, and it all came together pretty well. Then I started on the cedar siding.

The cedar shake roof was a new challenge for me, but I think it will hold up just fine…I used 1.25″ staples on the supplied shakes, over tarpaper. Lastly I made and hung the doors, and put together a little ramp.


I made some custom arches for Stephanie’s house, and also some new window awning brackets. (They are going to put some corrugated tin on top.)

Indian Wedding Lights

When Gary called me some time ago to ask me if I did Wedding Lights, I had no idea what he was talking about. But eventually I figured out he wanted his house lit up like a Christmas tree to enhance the party atmosphere at his house. His son was getting married and there would be many guests over for a week plus.

So I ordered him 1200 feet of lights on Amazon and when the time came, strung them up.

And later took them down.

He says he will call me back for his daughter’s wedding one day. But otherwise I don’t think wedding lights are really my calling!

Logo Stencil

There are limits to a handyman’s handiness I suppose…
Probably what I should have done is to order a vinyl graphic from Bourquin Printers…
But instead I made a 3×3 foot stencil and sprayed it onto Noel’s reception desk.
It turned out alright, just needed some touch up from overspray.

I took the logo and printed it full size using a spreadsheet program.
Then I cut and taped the 15 sheets together.
I bought 4 sheets of poster board at the dollar store and glued them together to make a larger, thicker board.
Then I traced the logo outline with a sharp knife.
I taped and sticky-tacked the stencil into place on the reception desk, masked off a few feet in all directions, and spray painted it. I was in a hurry that day so I didn’t let it dry too much. But when I removed the mask I noticed some hazy spots… 😦
So I came back a couple of times and touched it up with the background colour of paint and a brush.
It looks great from a few feet away!

Office Updates

My friend Noel is opening a new Physio clinic and he asked me to fix up his leased space. It had been empty for about a year. It used to be a walk in clinic and was not in terrible shape, but it was a bit run down in spots. We mostly worked on turning the front area into a reception area and gym. This involved new flooring, baseboards, paint, and a new short wall. I replaced some lightbulbs and ceiling tiles as well. Window film went on to give the space some privacy. A new plexiglass lightbox sign was ordered. The reception desk/bar was freshened up with a new look. It was a long week of hard work but the end result was well worth it!