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Indian Wedding Lights

When Gary called me some time ago to ask me if I did Wedding Lights, I had no idea what he was talking about. But eventually I figured out he wanted his house lit up like a Christmas tree to enhance the party atmosphere at his house. His son was getting married and there would be many guests over for a week plus.

So I ordered him 1200 feet of lights on Amazon and when the time came, strung them up.

And later took them down.

He says he will call me back for his daughter’s wedding one day. But otherwise I don’t think wedding lights are really my calling!

Logo Stencil

There are limits to a handyman’s handiness I suppose…
Probably what I should have done is to order a vinyl graphic from Bourquin Printers…
But instead I made a 3×3 foot stencil and sprayed it onto Noel’s reception desk.
It turned out alright, just needed some touch up from overspray.

I took the logo and printed it full size using a spreadsheet program.
Then I cut and taped the 15 sheets together.
I bought 4 sheets of poster board at the dollar store and glued them together to make a larger, thicker board.
Then I traced the logo outline with a sharp knife.
I taped and sticky-tacked the stencil into place on the reception desk, masked off a few feet in all directions, and spray painted it. I was in a hurry that day so I didn’t let it dry too much. But when I removed the mask I noticed some hazy spots… 😦
So I came back a couple of times and touched it up with the background colour of paint and a brush.
It looks great from a few feet away!

Office Updates

My friend Noel is opening a new Physio clinic and he asked me to fix up his leased space. It had been empty for about a year. It used to be a walk in clinic and was not in terrible shape, but it was a bit run down in spots. We mostly worked on turning the front area into a reception area and gym. This involved new flooring, baseboards, paint, and a new short wall. I replaced some lightbulbs and ceiling tiles as well. Window film went on to give the space some privacy. A new plexiglass lightbox sign was ordered. The reception desk/bar was freshened up with a new look. It was a long week of hard work but the end result was well worth it!

Wheeled Island with Maple Top

Cheryl saw my ad in the Gallery 7 program some time ago and contacted me about a new cabinet for her kitchen. She gave me specific measurements and ideas and I designed and built the following island. It has wheels, a folding solid maple countertop, and legs that fold out to support half the top. It has two drawers as well. I delivered it today and she was very happy. I am also happy as it worked out so well.

Porch Column Wrap

Stephanie wanted her front porch updated–she had it rebuilt by someone else a few years ago, but wanted nicer aesthetics. I wrapped the beams and columns with fascia board, and added a few details. The base columns were made wider and integrated with the deck. Base caps and upper details were custom-cut at 11 degrees from primed fir. I covered the gaps on the corners of the posts with custom-cut, seamless, fir outside corners. I also added a pine baseboard and ceiling moulding to hide the gaps between the porch and the stucco wall. I may yet make some small cornice arches when I have time.

Small bathroom cabinet

Vivian had me design and build a custom cabinet for a small bathroom space. Here are some photos from the empty space, to sketch, to building and painting. (I forgot to get a final picture with the doors and handles, as we removed them to protect them from other renovating.)

Outdoor deck ramp

Donnie requested a ramp from her deck to the ground to make the backyard more wheelchair accessible. I used pressure treated 2x6s and some patio slabs. It’s still too steep right at the base so I will have to go back and add another slat. But otherwise it turned out nice and solid.