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Closet shoe shelf

I made some custom shoe shelves for Ms. C. She had found an Ikea “Billy” bookcase for free, and it was the perfect size to cut in half and use the shelves to make some shoe racks in the sides of her master bedroom closet. I added some mouldings on the front to stop the shoe sliding action. Then a little bit of primer to whiten the sides up.

Set Build-A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I’ve finished building the set for Gallery 7‘s upcoming production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at MCA. It is now being painted and then waiting for load-in. Come see the show, it starts its run during the May long weekend.

It’s been an interesting build. The set designer, Jeff, has some really creative ideas and we’ve worked hard to make them come together! I can’t wait to see it painted and under the lights!

Here’s a few unrevealing photos!

Deck re-do

Stephanie had been waiting many years for a new backyard deck. I was happy to help. I was not able to finish it in the time I had available, but they graciously let me go, promising to finish laying the last portion of boards down.

Her husband and I took apart the old one, then drove to Lowe’s and bought a trailer-full of pressure treated lumber. I spent the next 5 days putting it together. It has a stepped landing, a border, a rounded corner, and is notched around a tree trunk!

Garage shelves

Ms. S. is moving houses and has quite a few things in storage in one basement which must get moved to the other garage. She had some 2×4/plywood shelves which I moved to the new house and put up high.


Now to continue moving boxes over and filling them up!

Pine Pantry

H and C asked for an additional pantry in their kitchen. They have oiled pine cabinets and wanted a match.

Before Pictures:

During Building Pictures:

Final Moment of Truth Pictures:

They were happy enough with the match; it wasn’t perfect but very close. One noticeable thing was the amount of knots in the wainscotting (door panels). I bought it at Lowe’s; I’m not sure where the original came from.

To match the colour, I used gel (oil) stain, and two coats of clear Tung oil.

Speaker Box

Mike asked me to build a speaker box… I don’t know much about speakers, but I’m good at building boxes!

He designed it and I made it to spec. It’s made of MDF with some hinged lids and covered with vinyl.