Jobs Blog

Bulkhead cut-out

Abbey Medical Supplies contracted me to remove a piece of a bulkhead, to make way for a ceiling track lift above a toilet. I couldn’t cut out more of it due to structural issues (you never know what you’ll find in there…). However, it will help the track be positioned about 8 inches higher, which will help. After cutting it out I buttoned it up with drywall scraps and put 2 coats of mud on. Abbey Medical will sand and paint it when they install the track.

Pedestal for w/d

Sandy moved to a new house, and asked for a quote for a pedestal for her family’s front load washer and dryer. She sent me a link from Instructibles to give me an idea what she wanted, but said it didn’t have to be fancy. So I measured the laundry room and then built a 19″ high platform, leveled on a basement floor that was out 7/8″ of an inch over 5 feet. I used 2×6 and plywood. Here’s the before and after pictures.

Refinish table

Desiree has a beautiful table from Europe that has belonged in her family for several generations. She asked me to stain & varnish it.

It was not the best time of year to start this project. The stain took awhile to dry in the cold weather (my workshop is only heated while I’m there). First I sanded off the old stain and varnish, then put on two coats of Ebony. After a few days I started with the polyurethane, coat by coat. I had a bit of trouble with the folding leaf, since I had to re-finish both sides, with polyurethane drips etc. So I ended up doing four coats on the top to cover up. But it turned out really nice in the end!


Crown Moulding

I hadn’t done crown moulding before, but I worked out a deal with a company (that had some partially done) that I would “learn” on their upstairs office and then charge them for their downstairs office. I knew it would be difficult; that’s why I have always refused in the past, but it was a good chance to learn. Below are photos of my first three corners.

After I had tried a few corners in one room, I tackled the downstairs office, a small rectangle. The first 2 corners were fine but the last 2 were terrible and needed extra caulking. The next day I got a few pointers from another guy and figured out what I was missing. I completed a larger rectangle (16 feet by 13 feet) and it turned out quite well. But it was still time consuming!

Anyway, if you need some done, call me and I’ll give it my best effort! I just won’t be fast, so I’ll offer a discounted rate.

More sets

December saw me doing quite a bit of work for Floform – countertops mostly. Then I got some calls for a few odd jobs such as a stuck drawer and some flourescent lights in a cage, but most of my time was spent working on a new set for Gallery 7. Their next play, Doubt, plays at Abbotsford Arts Addition January 26-February 10. I can’t share too much in the way of pictures here, but please come see the play.


Note: February 11, 2018: The play is over so I can post a picture of the set. Set Design by Calvin Baker (I just built the basics, he did the painting and decorating, and very nicely I might add).

Shoe rack/bench

Noel and Tresa were looking for a new shoe rack and bench for their hallway. They had an old pine bed in the garage and I was able to use that wood. At first I just envisioned a simple shelf with a sturdy top, but then they sent me a picture with sliding doors so I modified my plans a bit. I also stained it to match their floor.


Ms. C. was renovating her bedroom, it had been a previous grow-op and she had put a lot of work into it. The floor squeaked, so she had me screw down the sub-floor (3/4 plywood) to the joists, which actually helped a lot! Then I moved a small closet wall and put a new subfloor in the closet (which used to be part of the living room). Lastly, I put a second plywood subfloor down so that vinyl plank flooring could be installed flush with the hall floor. She bought 1/2″ plywood and I spent a long time fitting the floor and putting in hundreds of screws to eliminate future squeaks. Someone else will lay the floor. Then there’s another room to start on…