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Ms. C. was renovating her bedroom, it had been a previous grow-op and she had put a lot of work into it. The floor squeaked, so she had me screw down the sub-floor (3/4 plywood) to the joists, which actually helped a lot! Then I moved a small closet wall and put a new subfloor in the closet (which used to be part of the living room). Lastly, I put a second plywood subfloor down so that vinyl plank flooring could be installed flush with the hall floor. She bought 1/2″ plywood and I spent a long time fitting the floor and putting in hundreds of screws to eliminate future squeaks. Someone else will lay the floor. Then there’s another room to start on…

Set Building

I’ve taken on a set build for Gallery 7‘s production of Peter and the Starcatcher. This is my ‘solo’ first set build–though I did volunteer last year and helped with the sets for Beauty and the Beast and Enchanted April. I’m really enjoying this new challenge. There was a lot of material in stock, so mostly I’ve been modifying existing risers and flats. However, I did have to build a teeter totter and a kite (see photos). To find out how those fit into this play you’ll have to come see it! November 10-18 at Abbey Arts Center in Abbotsford.

Deck steps

Henry needed a skirt–mobile home skirting, that is. He had started framing around his mobile home, and had painted some boards, but needed the job finished. It took me about two days. Then he had me make some landings, railings, and roof for his existing steps. We worked together on one beautiful sunny day, but I had to finish by myself in the rain. And this week we had some huge windstorms, so I think I should check and make sure the roof is still there!

Corian Windowsill

I’ve done a lot of small interesting jobs for Walt and Sarah; this latest one was a kitchen windowsill. The reason for replacement was because of water damage to the painted surface (it was made of MDF). I suggested Corian because it is not affected by water. Walt found a sample and told me what colour would match his paint scheme, and I ordered a piece and fabricated and installed it.


Jeff and Stacey asked me to repair their outside steps (3 entrances). They were coming loose from the house/deck and a little spongy. Last Thursday I spent a good part of the day working on these:
There is limited room so the steps are either too high or too narrow; I chose to add an extra step so they narrow but not too high.

Next I tackled the front steps. Unfortunately they were completely rotten underneath. So I need to do a complete rebuild!


Floform Industries had me install some second-hand cabinets in their First Aid room last week. They had a number of them from their old showroom. However, with space being quite limited we decided to only install one lower and 2 uppers.
When finished, they looked nice. I added a countertop. However, once all the first aid equipment was put away, they were stuffed so full that the doors wouldn’t close! But they will work!

Mr. Sparkly Countertop

I offer a “new” kind of counter top–not really new, but somewhat rare. While fiber-optic lights are available in concrete, they are not common in solid surface. I decided to find out why, and replaced the vanity in my bathroom. While it was a lot of work, the finished result was worth it! Here’s a link to some photos/information:
Mr. Sparkly Countertop
The basic idea is that an LED light is placed inside the cabinet, and fiber optic wires lead from there through tiny holes in the countertop, sealed with colour-matched adhesive. They are sanded smooth, and depending on the colour of the countertop, they are virtually invisible. But once the light below is turned on, pin pricks of light erupt out of the surface.

sparkly in the dark

Youtube video–lights off and on

Youtube video–countertop in the dark