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Coat Closet

Here are some pictures of D and D’s coat closet. It is hard to photograph because it is a small room–hence the “fish eye” panorama picture. The room is 8.5 feet high. The closet has 4 sliding doors, 2 shelves, and a coat rack rail. It is built in around the crown moulding over a tile floor, around an alarm panel, and one side is a concrete wall. A good challenge!

Broom Closet

D and D had me make a couple of custom closets. This one is for their water heater and brooms. I matched the cabinet door to their existing cabinets, which was a bit tricky. It was a very heavy door so it got 5 hinges.

Custom Vanity Cabinet

Ms. M.W. ordered a custom cabinet for her new ensuite. It is painted plywood, rounded legs, white thermofoil doors and drawers with soft close options. It is for a double sink, and due to its length I had to reinforce the bottom so it wouldn’t sag. It was tricky lining up all those square corners on the drawers and doors!

Bench Seat/Oak table

My in-laws are re-doing their kitchen, but it is going slowly so I helped a bit by making the bench seat for them. It involved a couple of plywood boxes on a pre-made base. Then I glued two pieces of oak together to make the seats. They operate on piano hinges. Lastly I glued four pieces together to make a small oak table.


Last week I realized I had worked on a lot of different doors in a short space of time. There were closet doors, exterior doors, door frames, sticky locks, and cabinet doors. There were new frames, old ones, sidelights, painting, stripping/sanding… Below are some pictures. I do not consider myself a door expert. But, thanks to my gracious customers, I am learning.

Replacing an old door/frame/sidelight with a new door/frame, and adding a custom sidelight

Sanding white paint off of an old cedar door

Painting some cabinet doors

Replacing an old frame with a new custom frame, made out of 2×6 fir

Fireplace Mantle/Cabinets

Mrs. G. had another project in the rec room. It took a long time to settle on a plan–I had trouble envisioning how the cabinets would integrate with the mantle over the existing fireplace bricks. It was high time to use SketchUp to make a scale model!

Bay window dressing

Dan asked me to finish up the bottom of the bay window he had re-done some time ago. He did not have matching siding so needed some panels. He sent me a picture and I tried to follow the general gist of it. It turned out so nicely!