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Built in desk & dresser

Kurt and Wendy asked for a built-in desk, as well as a built-in dresser with shelving, for their daughter’s room. There were 13 drawers to make! Installation went fairly well with Kurt’s help–I had made the dresser a tad to wide but we managed to squeeze it into its nook.

RV Cabinets

One of my first jobs this month was a small kitchen for a van. Kustom Koach RV contacted me on behalf of their customer, whom they are retrofitting a Mercedes van for. They gave me a sketch and I provided a quote and a suggestion for the colour (laminate). It needed to be lightweight, strong, and fit a sink, oven/stove, and fridge. Here are some pictures in various stages of completion.

Launching June 1, 2017

My business is scheduled to start “officially” on June 1, 2017. My first job will be a day’s work at a house: drywall repairs, window hinges, and power washing. Then for the next week I am building some cabinets for an RV, and some furniture for a bedroom. After that I am scheduled to do some work for someone else which includes storage unit assembly and landscaping. Looking busy!