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Mr. Sparkly Countertop

I offer a “new” kind of counter top–not really new, but somewhat rare. While fiber-optic lights are available in concrete, they are not common in solid surface. I decided to find out why, and replaced the vanity in my bathroom. While it was a lot of work, the finished result was worth it! Here’s a link to some photos/information:
Mr. Sparkly Countertop
The basic idea is that an LED light is placed inside the cabinet, and fiber optic wires lead from there through tiny holes in the countertop, sealed with colour-matched adhesive. They are sanded smooth, and depending on the colour of the countertop, they are virtually invisible. But once the light below is turned on, pin pricks of light erupt out of the surface.

sparkly in the dark

Youtube video–lights off and on

Youtube video–countertop in the dark

House updates

I’ve been working on a bunch of things at a house–it’s a Caretaker Residence and with there being a change in caretakers this month, the organization requested that some work get done. For two weeks I’ve worked inside and out; changing a tub drain, spackling the ceiling in spots, painting a little, patching walls, removing carpet and replacing with new laminate flooring, new exterior decks with stairs, new storm doors…I’m almost done! Here are a few pictures.

With this job, some scheduled work at Floform, and holidays, I am booked up until Mid-September. So if you’re looking for a handyman, and willing to wait a couple of months, let me know!

Built in desk & dresser

Kurt and Wendy asked for a built-in desk, as well as a built-in dresser with shelving, for their daughter’s room. There were 13 drawers to make! Installation went fairly well with Kurt’s help–I had made the dresser a tad to wide but we managed to squeeze it into its nook.

RV Cabinets

One of my first jobs this month was a small kitchen for a van. Kustom Koach RV contacted me on behalf of their customer, whom they are retrofitting a Mercedes van for. They gave me a sketch and I provided a quote and a suggestion for the colour (laminate). It needed to be lightweight, strong, and fit a sink, oven/stove, and fridge. Here are some pictures in various stages of completion.

Launching June 1, 2017

My business is scheduled to start “officially” on June 1, 2017. My first job will be a day’s work at a house: drywall repairs, window hinges, and power washing. Then for the next week I am building some cabinets for an RV, and some furniture for a bedroom. After that I am scheduled to do some work for someone else which includes storage unit assembly and landscaping. Looking busy!