Jobs Blog

Deck Railings

Jeff and Stacey asked for some deck railings and handrails for their porches/steps. I drew up some plans and they said go ahead! I finished today and am proud of my work (except for a couple tiny things I should have foreseen…see if you can figure out what they are).


The middle railing on the rear deck is removable.


Shiplap and railings

Ms. G. requested shiplap as part of her reno; I assumed the quarter inch plywood style like you see on Pinterest for $80, but she preferred Lowe’s pre-painted MDF shiplap, and it was actually quite nice to work with.

First I had to build out part of the wall.

Then the shiplap went on.


While I was at it there was a stair skirting to do (the carpet is getting replaced)

And finally the railing needed to be sanded and stained. I also added some custom brackets and two more short railings. She had her house professionally painted before I put the railings on. It looks amazing!

TV shelves

Misty asked for a quote for some custom shelves above a cabinet that I had put in for her awhile ago. They are plywood with spruce fronts, painted white with white backing. The TV is a wall-mount that I had moved as well. They turned out nicely!

Set Build – Miracle Worker

Last night we took down the set for Gallery 7’s performance of The Miracle Worker. It was a great play! The set build was fun as usual, lots of gothic arches etc. (Set design by Dustin Froese) Here’s a picture right before we took it down. Next I am working on The MouseTrap.


Laundry Reno

Mrs. G. had me quote on quite a few things in her house. The first job was to renovate the laundry room. It had a stacked washer/dryer and not much else. Between Pinterest and her ideas I came up with a cabinet design, then built and installed the cabinets. Then I installed the appliances, and countertop (the right side is loose to allow access to the back/top of the washer).


Workshop move & cabinets

When I’m not working at a customer’s home, I’m making things in my tiny workshop. For the last 10 months it’s been the place where I can go to make noise and dust, and use my tablesaw. Some friends of mine offered me some space in their larger, better equipped shop, so I’ll be moving soon. It’ll be better overall…I’ll miss my little container, though.

I’ve been quite busy lately with the set for The Miracle Worker, which is built now and getting painted by others, and in the next month or so I need to get the set for Mousetrap built. I also have a couple of jobs on the go for cabinets: RV uppers, and a laundry room reno. Add a week of holidays with my family, and that is why I am saying I am booked up for six weeks.

Here’s some photos of some of the last cabinets to be built in the old workshop!

Pocket Door and Texture

Andrea asked me to finish her kitchen update (it was done, but there were a few little custom things missing). There were some holes in the textured ceiling to fill. I matched the texture with the ‘ol plastic bag trick:

The pocket door was a larger job. There was an arched doorway that had been blocked some time ago to conserve heat, and a door to the garage. Andrea wanted the arched doorway to become a pocket door, and remove the door to the garage (there is another door down the hall). The walls were also textured so that had to be matched as well.

Due to the width of the pocket door frame and the fact that the wall was weight bearing, I had to put a longer header in. Then I buttoned up the old doorway. I used the old door as the pocket door.

Once the drywall was pieced back together, I taped it and then matched the texture with circles made with a stiff paintbrush. Lastly there was some trim. It all turned out very nicely!