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Beau Jest set

I recently completed the set for Gallery 7‘s production of Beau Jest. Below is a link for a time lapse I made of tech week. We started with an empty room, and hung lights, crown moulding, and a chandelier; put down risers and laminate flooring, and a bit of furniture.

Youtube Link: Beau Jest Time Lapse

Broken Window Replacement

Ken called me about a window that broke during the windstorm. (He called around and the Glass places were too busy.) I felt bad as I was on holidays when he called, so his tenants had a taped up/boarded up window for a week or so. Anyway, I bought a whole new window with a frame (as the old frame was damaged) and replaced it.


Kitchen Reno

I’ve almost finished a large kitchen renovation for Leanne and Jim. It all started with a desire to install a dishwasher. It turned out that they needed to lift the countertops to get a new dishwasher in there, due to too many layers of re-flooring…things grew from there so they asked me to remove a corner wall, supply new countertops, add a shelf, new black mouldings around the wall/ceiling cutouts, install the dishwasher, and tile/grout a new mosaic backsplash. And…it’s in an apartment building. It took a few weeks to get it all done. I arranged for an electrician and a plumber to help me out with the pot lights/switches and sink/dishwasher.



Mostly done: